Diana Stover

“I love art.  I paint because it’s fun.” 

That says it in a nutshell, but I suppose I have to say something much more profound and philosophical than that.  I have been doing creative things since I could first hold a pencil or manipulate a piece of clay.  My art life has been an evolution with twists and turns, chaos to peace, shadow to light.  I choose to work primarily in pastels because I love the immediacy of them.  I also love having so many beautiful colors right at my fingertips without having to mix them!  I enjoy manipulating the ground for varying textural effects.

I am constantly working toward finding my pastel voice.  Every new piece is an experiment and a learning process.  The most memorable training I have had is the classes and workshops I have taken from prominent Utah pastelist Colleen Howe, my mentor and friend. 

I paint things that interest me—my favorite subject is people and what I call people-scenes.  I am trying to master landscapes.  I am a perfectionist with somewhat limited patience.  I have absolutely no aptitude toward the abstract—I am compelled to make things look like what they are.  One of my goals is to make my realism loose, free, painterly, and unrestrained.  I have great joy in my art, but my ultimate goal is that through my art, I might bring joy to others.

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