Joy Nunn

"I believe that my path towards some type of artistic endeavor was inevitable, as my father was an artist, my parents met in an art class, I majored in Art History and Theory in college, was fortunate to work in the Education Department of the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C., and, later, was instrumental in getting Art at the Main established.

I began my journey of personal artistic exploration after moving to Utah. I took just about every continuing education and Life-Long Learning art class offered by the University of Utah, and participated in many Utah Watercolor Society sponsored and artist sponsored workshops.

I discovered that I love to paint. I love getting lost in what I am doing, I like to be in that zone of not knowing about anything around me, and of time standing still while I explore endless variations created by applying paint to paper. Watercolor is my favorite medium, and color is my love. I use bright, bold, and brilliant color in all that I do. I paint what I think is interesting, or is a personal challenge, and do my best to create the essence of my subject. My brushwork varies from tight to loose, but the interpretation is generally realistic. Happily, my pursuit of artistic expression is a lifelong adventure of what may be possible, and one that has already given back its greatest reward, the ability to see things in a different way.”

Joy Nunn is the founder of Art At The Main, a Utah artists co-operative and art gallery located on the ground floor of the Main Library in downtown Salt Lake City, she has been an officer and  continues to be a member of the Utah Watercolor Society, and maintains an art studio in the Rockwood Studios building, in Sugarhouse.

Joy Nunn’s paintings have been juried into numerous UWS and independently sponsored art shows where she has won numerous awards for her work.   Further examples of her work can be seen at Art at the Main gallery, SLC, UT, Rockwood Art Studios, SLC, UT, the Celtic Bank, SLC, UT, the Utah Department of Labor, SLC, UT,  Jones Waldo law offices, SLC, UT and in various private collections.